Written by: Bryson “Boom” Paul

North Carolina is on fire right now as new stars pour out of the state on the daily. Praised for their street mentality, attitude, and pride, is another new artist coming out of J.Cole’s backyard – Trustory. Preparing for his new project, Trustory recently released his latest video, “Pressure,” in-support of the forthcoming release. We caught up with the rising star to speak on everything going on around North Carolina. See what Trustory has in store for not just North Carolina but the world.
Name of current projects?
Street Dreams is the current project
What’s the whole angle behind the name street dreams?
Everyone in the streets goal is to get out of the streets, its sort of like a dream,
making it a reality to get out of the streets and not ever having to go back.
When is your project coming out?
Its dropping July 4th
Any guest appearances?
Yea I have a couple VTay, my artist B Streetz, and John Russell.
So I noticed your always repping Reidsville North Carolina, How is the scene out there?
Reidsville is like any other neighborhood, Small city guys with Big Dreams.
Whats the inspiration behind this singe pressure?
Well you know what they say pressure makes a diamond pressure burst pipes but what inspired me was real life situations that people go through, I saw a lot of my friends go through some real situations some burst under the pressure and some became diamonds.

Watch “Pressure” by Trustory Now:

What’s the name of your next single, do you have any in mind?
The next single I am going to release is called Lifestyle and basically, the main point behind it is seeing my life in the first person.
Any artist you ever wanted to work within the business?
Yea there are a few artists that I have my eye on, I don’t want to release any names at the moment but I have a few surprises up my sleeve.
Give me North Carolina in a nutshell what’s your favorite spot to hang out at?
Aint nothing like the mall. I love shopping. Shout out to South Park Mall.