As you all may or may out now, popular battle rapper and musician Tsu Surf was incarcerated for a year in March of 2017.  He returned home a few months ago and has been laying low, selectively choosing who he does interviews with and who he gives his time too.  He recently went to Bars on I-95 in Connecticut and let what seemed like a 150 bars fly.

Surf probably had something to prove.  When the public asked Funk Flex why he didn’t have the Newark New Jersey native back up for part 2 of his freestyle, Flex said he wasn’t “Overly Impressed”.  Regardless of what he felt, the public let him know that they were more than impressed with what he did up there.

Surf is one of if not the biggest battle rapper in the URL (Ultimate Rap League) and he has a battle coming tomorrow, Saturday June 23rd in Houston, Texas.  You can tune into that on the live PPV they have or just catch the battle whenever they decide to upload it to the URL’s youtube channel.