One of the biggest mysteries in Hip-Hop history is who is responsible for the death’s of two of the greatest rappers to ever live; Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur.  We either just took a step in the right direction or several steps backwards because the former bodyguard of Tupac came out and said he know’s who killed the legendary MC.

James McDonald aka “Mob James” said in a recent interview that “South Side Crips” were responsible for his death.  It was sparked over an incident that happened after a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas that ended up into somewhat of a brawl.  McDonald goes as far as to say that Orlando Anderson, who has since been killed, was the shooter.

That’s all coming as a surprise because just recently Suge Knight said he in fact knew who was Tupac’s killer.  Knight said bodyguard Reggie White Jr & Knight’s ex-wife Sharitha were responsible for the MC’s death.

So now depending on which side you fall on, we either got closure or we’re even more confused than before.