With Tupac’s biopic ” All Eyez on Me,” set to hit the big screen June 16; and after all the trailers being dropped, it’s looking like this is going to be one for the books.  Now, a bunch of Tupac’s memorabilia has been up for grabs from the vehicle he had been shot in to prison letters. The newest piece of history being auctioned off if Pac’s handwritten “Dear Mama” lyrics, with a pricetag for  $75,000.

Image via TMZ

It has been reported that a private collector in Poland, got them from the exact studio that “Dear Mama” was recorded in. On the side of the lyrics we can see a note that read “Yo-Yo/Ice Cube” which could have been Pac mentally noting that he wanted to work with Cube. He also wrote in the margins about “motherf*ckerz” who told people he had been “raped in jail” only being mad at how he “succeeded in the rap game.” The lyrics are being sold on “momentsintime.com” where you can also find a bunch more memorabilia from other iconic people.


The handwritten lyrics can be seen here.