There’s no denying that Apple has been dominating the smartphone industry for the past decade and a half with Samsung struggling to keep up in recent years. Even though Google has recently released their own hardware mobile device and appears to be picking up quickly in terms of innovation, they still fall short of the powerhouse that is Apple and their mobile device ingeniously titled the iPhone. Now, a Hong Kong-based technologies company by the name of Turing Space Industries is attempting to revolutionize the smartphone industry with a multi-screen mobile mechanism by the name of the HubblePhone.

The TSI HubblePhone is constructed out of a liquid metal/titanium aluminide space metal structure and is an innovative take on today’s smartphone concepts complete with an advanced vision system featuring two separate AMOLED displays totaling in four touch screens powered by dual mobile processors, a bulbous 60-megapixel primary camera with 15x optical zoom capabilities, three additional 12-megapixel dual camera systems, 5G connectivity support, a dual battery system [a 3,300mAh unit in the main deck and a 2,800mAh unit in the upper deck] and lip-reading technology to issue spoken commands in private without the public’s knowledge.

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This smartphone concept also will feature an artificial reality messing application known as ‘AfR’ which will allow users to send projected 3D animated messages to their recipient’s physical surroundings. AfR Messaging also allows users to 3D scan physical objects and convert them into visually compelling, communication-friendly 3D AfR stickers. A feature that will revolutionize sexting and make it awkward in certain settings.

Turing is looking to include an ’emotional machine-intelligence chip’ to provide consumers with a next-generation gaming experience that would combine mixed/virtual reality and artificial intelligence. In other words, think about every mobile phone game having a Pokemon Go-esque gaming experience.

If all things go according to plan the TSI HubblePhone will be targeting a global 2020 release beginning with a United States release taking place in June 2020, Europe in August 2020, China in September 2020, and the remainder of the world by December 2020. Unfortunately, this innovative mobile device will require a hefty bag of $2,749.

There are various criticisms tech specialists might have with this new device in regards to powering multiple screens on two batteries, a maneuverable connective joint, or if the mobile phone will ever see the light of day but, innovation is the key to taking over the smartphone throne. Do you think the Turing Space Industries HubblePhone has what it takes to knock Apple out of the number one spot?

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