DJ Dimples is no stranger to those who frequent events in Miami, New York, and Atlanta. A Miami native and female mogul, DJ Dimples, has made a name for herself amongst celebrities, influencers, and the entertainment industry through her consistency as a DJ. From spearheading popular Pride events like Sweet Heat, BAIT, Spoiled Rotten, and Queendom, she has taken over the industry by storm.

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When did you begin with DJn?

I began djaying in high school, I was doing all the Caribbean events.

The history of music had longevity with women and many have paved the way in Rap, R&B, DJn/MC, etc. What impact do you feel you’ve made to the industry thusfar?
The impact I think I’ve made is letting women know they can do whatever they want.  When I started DJing there were not a lot of female DJs.  I let them know they can do it too nothing is just for men. Women can do it all.
When did you begin SweetHeat, QueenDom, Bait, and Spoiled Rotten? What were the goals? How have they blossomed (in your own words). How have they become so successful and well known?
SweetHeat began in 2008; Queendom in 2013; Bait in 2015; and I’ve only done Spoiled Rotten once.  I have to revisit that event with different dates. The goals were to make sure people had a safe space to express themselves and not think of the daily burdens that haunt them at times.  They are all places to be free and let your hair down.  Being consistent is how they have become so consistent.  I don’t stop even if the event is empty.  I keep doing it until it’s not.
Tell a time when you felt pressured. Tell a time you felt unsure about something but did it because it was your instinct 
I don’t really ever feel pressured I trust myself and know that I’m going to do my best.  There was a time this year that I felt unsure about an event at Queendom.  I did a day party, I knew wouldn’t be full, but I did it anyway.
When does “self-care” come into your life 
Self care is my top priority right now .  It is a daily routine for me at this point I meditate and read, I’ve also learned how to say no without explanation.
As a creative and artist, what do you love the most about it?
As a creative, what I love the most is the freedom to do whatever I feel.  I will really take a chance on whatever comes to my mind.  I’m not afraid to fail. I welcome it.
Did you compare yourself in the beginning of your career?
Lol, no I didn’t compare myself.


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