Men can be feminists too. If that sounds peculiar to you, continue to read this shocking story.

Women aren’t the only humans who can make assertive changes on feminine injustice. Nicole Lee Hallberg interviewed for a résumé-editing job and finally got it…3 or 4 skype interviews later. The boss even made her do some on the spot editing after being invited for the second round.

I wasn’t going to consider hiring any females, but I’m glad I did. You should be proud, I had thousands of applications but yours stuck out to me, and made me decide to give hiring a girl a try,” stated the boss while hiring Nicole. As disturbing as that may sound, little did she know her boss was going to be the least of her problems.

Nicole was the first woman to join this four-person company, the clients she edited résumés for never met her face to face and only met online. The company performs in-depth revisions of résumés for clients, many of whom worked in science, technology, engineering and computer information technology. According to Newsweek, Nicole also came across other fields such as baristas, literal rocket scientists, a zookeeper who worked with elephants, and even someone who developed backend systems for adult novelty products. While her boss would complain that Nicole took too long with her clients, little did he know she would often fight with them because she had to convince them to respect her.

She and her colleague Martin R. Schneider were both hired around the same time, of course she received a lower salary and Schneider became her supervisor.

About three years ago, his email signature was accidentally set as Nicole’s name…and that’s when he noticed that a client was treating him like crap. They came up with an experiment and switched signatures for a week. “I had one of the easiest weeks of my professional life. He… didn’t,” Nicole stated on her post via Medium.

A Twitter moment became viral recently as Schneider tweeted about the day he realized just how bad sexism in the workplace could be.

On Nicole’s blog post via Medium, she states that she will never understand why sexism in the workplace still exists:

“Instead, I quit and started my own business writing blog posts and web copy as a freelancer. In an office of one, I can finally put my walls down.”

Females getting treated differently or unfairly: an issue that has been a continuous cycle that we’ve witness for far too long now. The day after Trump became president in January we saw Women marches in major cities all over United States. However, we ask ourselves how many men has witnessed sexism in the workplace and how many will attempt to help resolve this issue?