Written by: Sash

Tyga pays tribute to Lil Wayne in the new visuals, “Lightkskin Lil Wayne.” As many may know Tyga was introduced to us by Young Money Entertainment. Artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj would co sign how talented he was upcoming in the industry. Tyga’s career was somewhat of a roller coaster up until last year where his music did really well on the charts and he made a killer comeback. The talented emcee is now back in his groove with the formula to continue to succeed. He effortlessly uses his lyrical skills to cater to this audience while embracing his unique sound.

In this new video, he pays homage to one of his biggest influences and mentor’s, Lil Wayne. The clip goes through many stages of Wayne’s career from the Hot Boy era all the way to C5. He recreates some dope and iconic scenes that we notice from Weezy’s life. The positive feedback from fans and the goat, Wayne himself have shown others how we can pay respect to those that paved the way in different ways.
Tyga openly appreciates and respects Lil Wayne as a multi talented creative artist who gave him a chance to make his dreams come true.
Check out the dope clip here!