Tyler The Creator Announces “The Jellies” Animated Series Premiere Date + Trailer

This year has been a big one for Tyler The Creator and after the release of his album Flower Boy he announces his comeback to television with his new series “The Jellies”. The new animated series will premiere on Adult Swim who in the past hosted another one of Tyler’s shows titled “Loiter Squad”.

“Loiter Squad” was a comedy which featured Tyler and his label mates acting out skits. His new television project, The Jellies which is also a comedy stars an African American teen who is adopted by a family of jelly fish. The Jellies was created by Tyler The Creator and Loinel Boyce who was also an actor and writer on Loiter Squad.

“Loiter Squad” was a great show and the news it was being discontinued was very unfortunate. “The Jellies” brings new life to fans of Loiter Squad. Being that it is an animated series Tyler and his team have room to do more and also use the experience from their past television ventures to make this a more long time experience.

Tyler and the Odd Future family came on the scene and many critics labeled them weird or unconventional. Another word for weird is unique and no doubt Tyler and his friends are very unique. Usually when we see artists making shows it will have something to do with music but Tyler took it a different route and with the success of “Loiter Squad” it isn’t hard to see that Tyler knows what he is doing. It will be exciting to see him jump from one successful creation that isn’t making music to another.

When Tyler came in the spotlight it was obvious that he was not like any other artist out and with this new venture he definitely continues to prove that. “The Jellies” airs on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) – October 22 @ 12:15Am. Make sure to check out Flower Boy which had a #2 debut, sold 70,000 units and was streamed almost 43 million times. It is available now on all streaming platforms.