You think Nicki and Kanye regret not getting on this?

Wednesday, Tyler, The Creator dropped “Ain’t Got Time” and revealed to Zane Lowe how the song came about. He tells Zane Lowe that he made the beat while Kanye took a nap during a studio session for The Life of Pablo. He was messing around and then, came to the realization that he should give it to Kanye. He says, “Damn, Kanye should take this song. He would sound so much cooler saying, “I ain’t got time” than me.” Kanye didn’t like it though.

Then, he says that he contacted Nicki about getting on it. He tells Zane Lowe, “She said she couldn’t think of nothing. I was like, how the f**k do you hear this beat and can’t think of s**t?!” So now, it’s just him on it which I’m sure Odd Future fans are not mad about.

The song has a very Timbaland feel at first but, it changes up halfway through. This is because he had two beats and wasn’t sure which one was going to be the most single-worthy so, he combined both and here it is. The song features the now infamous line that many think he used to come out of the closet. If you heard this song already then, you probably listened to the leak. This song is old news to a lot of people but, you can listen to the official version below and check out the Zane Lowe interview here.

Paul Robinson