Another Baby Boy movie may be on its way.

Singer/actor Tyrese Gibson announced earlier today via his Instagram that there will be a sequel to he and Taraji P. Henson’s hit 2001 coming of age film Baby Boy.   Word?

With the recent release of the totally successful eighth installation of The Fate & The Furious that killed in the box office, what was suppose to be the last of the Fast & Furious series’; to then finding out that the crew are already planning the ninth installment, Tyrese is doing big things and making big bank with these films, there’s no doubt it would be some type of reunion at all movie theaters upon the release of a possible Baby Boy sequel, adding even more coins to his reach.

The movie with Tyrese role as Joseph “Jody” Summers originally written by John Singleton for slained rapper 2Pac to play, depicts the storyline of a 20 year old mama’s boy type growing into his manhood while living in South Central, LA.  Mother to his first child, Yvette (played by Henson) and Jody were entertaining as all hell as they embodied that of which can be considered a prototypical young black couple dealing with life lessons of a young man who doesn’t want to get from up underneath his mama, start doing right by the woman he loves and help fully raise their son.

With features in the movie like Snoop Dogg, Ving Rhames, Omar Gooding, and Adrienne-Joi Johnson as Jody’s 36 year old mother, both Gibson and Henson’s roles were definitely catapulting for their careers as they both have gone on to do wonders on television and film today.

But as we beg to question, what would a Baby Boy sequel even look like? Is a sequel of this kind even necessary?  I would hate for the memory and cadence of the film to be tarnished or overdone for the sake of bringing it back.

Although of course, whether it might be too much or not, I’m sure to still purchase a ticket.  Will you?