A man was forcibly ejected from an outbound United Airlines flight leaving Chicago O’Hare International Airport to Louisville, Kentucky for his refusal to give up his seat due to overbooking Sunday evening.

After being randomly selected out of 4 patrons, 3 security officers were called to physically remove a man from his seat, leading to a horribly disturbing scene where the man was literally dragged through the aisles of the airplane, even suffering a bloodied face by cause of his head hitting an armrest.  Can somebody say lawsuit?

Acting within rights and following policy, United was said to have asked passengers to voluntarily give up their seats in exchange for a form of compensation that went up to $1000 plus a stay overnight in a hotel.  But you know when you just want to go home, especially on a Sunday night, and there’s no more flights until the next day.  Don’t even look to me to be chivalrous, you can’t even buy the comfort of my own pillow and bed.

Passengers recorded the scene in protest as although United might have been acting in accordance with their rules, the outright dragging by the hands and legs of this man, whom has yet to be identified by name, was just not a good look for the airline.

Having some type of random selection process where apparently, passengers can in fact be involuntarily de-boarded if need be, depends on a number of factors like connecting flights, how long a delay might leave a customer stranded in an airport, etc, etc.  Giving them reason to act within their merit to get the plane off the ground by any means necessary.

Suffering some major backlash via social media, with the news hitting major news outlets, a trail of hilarious memes and folks claiming a boycott, United stocks have even seen a plummet after videos went viral of the incident.  Although news broke on Monday, the hurt didn’t hit until today.  The airline company stands to lose $750 million today alone, by the closing bell if the arrow continues to go in a certain direction.

With major repercussions to follow, United’s CEO was halfway apologetic, as bottom line is bottom line with most of these top guys, “Our employees followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this. While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.”  Bloodied face and all.

So, this leads me to question, protocol over ethics?  It was since learned that the “unruly” passenger was actually a doctor who needed to be back home in time for patients, but that neither here nor there, is it okay for companies to just do what they want in light of their rules?  Forget the passenger who paid their hard earned money to take that pricey a– United Airlines flight, when they could have chosen another carrier.

And with other big companies like PepsiCo and their bad decision-making to put out Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner in protest, what is wrong with these guys and their bad decision making?  Shedding more light on the idea that whether good or bad publicity, it is all good in the eyes of the dollars to come.  Forget the man with the bloodied face, forget the real historical reasons which lead to protests of today and yesterday, the sweat and hurt mounted on people’s backs for the actual cause; at the end of the day, big companies only care about one thing and that is, lift off.

Keep ya fake a– apology, United. Learn to have a little bit more integrity from the start.  Ask questions first, don’t just run with your policy and then turn around with a weak apology after the fact and negative residue ensues.

Ah, you looking dirty and now you got to clean up, please.  Today’s consumers are way smarter than that counterfeit face you portray, that deviant smile plastered across your face.