A few months back, Bronx, NY rapper Maliibu Miitch went viral with her late night Instagram post of her and her friends twerking on the train.  Giving Subway riders a free show and leaving quite a taste and buzz in our mouth’s, surely all who hold social media accounts saw it and had something to say.  So you know, we had to follow up with the exclusive with Maliibu herself.


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On the first real hot day of the summer in NY, the Rapfest crew pulled up on Maliibu and her team, beach day ready – right on the block.  Her name is Maliibu, isn’t it?  Maliibu Miitch that is.

Wanting to call herself something different, the name Maliibu Miitch she says came one night while watching Hip Hop classic Paid In Full, “I saw the movie ‘Paid In Full‘ – that’s where I got the name ‘Mitch’ from.  And then one day I was smoking mad weed, smoking with Jamaican’s and sh–, and I was like, ‘what rhymes with Miitch’?  ‘Maliibu’!” Maliibu, softening the Miitch – the hardcore Bronx girl who she is at heart.

Her story of coming from nothing to turning herself into something, Maliibu expressed being highly influenced by her favorite rapper 50 Cent who shares a similar background in his rise to glory.  Putting her goods to use, and making it happen in a world that is filled with people lining up to hit it big, out sparks a little Maliibu with the big personality and resonating rap tone.  Reminiscent of some of the legendary women she pays homage to in her Top 5 EP dropped not too long ago.

The South Bronx rapper who got her start from none other than, YouTube, was presented with an undeniable offer to make it big with an initial opportunity of joining forces as a rap duo with Helene Britany.  Moving her out to LA, she was bestowed with a pretty lush fortuity: a car, a new crib, food – all expenses paid, but she would later learn that all that glittered wasn’t always gold.  Having no creative control whatsoever, she found herself being better off solo.

But considering all adventures as adventures, without that ordeal, we might not have known her.  Someone eye catching, a sound that is grabbing, and a presence that is so fascinating, you got to love her.

Staying true to her borough while keeping to her BX lingo throughout the lyrics of her verses, Maliibu makes no mistake to where she is from, leaving way for a universal sound in order to hook us in.  Humble about where she places herself amongst the greatests of femcees and emcees, she shows a sense of modesty when answering the question.

Still buzzing, with her own renditions of: Lil Kim’s “Crush On You”, Foxy Brown “Gotta Get You Home”, Lauren Hill’s “Doo Wop”, Eve’s “Who’s That Girl/Girl Got A Man”, and Missy Elliot’s “Supa Dupa Flee”; Maliibu’s 90’s flare gives much respect to those great women before her.  But little does she know, she too possesses the quality to soar.

Rap being a more new nuance in her life, “The whole reason why I do music is for my family. I do everything for my family. It’s funny because I never use to like doing music, I never liked to rap,” she says. “Doing music cost me a lot of things; I lost a lot of friends.  I got into a lot more things because I fake-wanted to be different.  Different than everybody else, that’s why I started rapping.  But at the end of the day, it comes down to me wanting to do it for my family.”

“I didn’t know I could f—ing rap until I started doing it.”

Aspirations of rapping and maybe a model career in the horizon, Maliibu says, “To be honest, I’m going to get this money regardless!”  Chasing her dreams, through rap or not rapping, as of right now, she is just having fun with it.