I’m back at it again with another installment of UpNext On Your Radar, just a recap of this series.  Built on giving real hip-hop back to the streets by delivering our readers nothing but the best artists that will soon be up next on the charts for the music industry, its time to recognize Jersey’s finest Albee AL or as many know him as The Gladiator.

 “From the bottom,” or so he puts it, Albee Al’s gift for this Hip Hop game is one to admire.  Staying true to form, there are no blinders.  After overcoming insurmountable odds, enduring hard life and trials, the loss of loved one’s, his biggest supporter – his big brother to his beloved street life, the responsibilities left in his hands to bring about feats for his family is one he holds down with no worry.

If you are new to Albee’s music you must not know the energy that he gives out on every track he puts out. He hasn’t quite reached the spotlight yet, but has touched ground to the Rapfest spotlight, and we are sure will soon be on the top of the charts with his movement growing daily. Releasing his self proclaimed classic Tears 4 A Goon, the 10-song album a few weeks back (OCT 4th), Albee is overall known for his aggressive flow and viral music videos that have blown up through the years as his career is building to a wider audience, furthering his fan-base; Albee doesn’t go too far outside the box with this project as he notates the importance of maintaining his persona, and he is ’10 times betta’.

An underdog, it will soon be proven is vitality to anyone who ever doubted him. Growing up in New Jersey, Albee was well known for having that real street life that many rappers lie about in their lines. He faced obstacles on his way to success which slowed down his timely rise in his career, with murder charges in 2012 that had him facing one hundred years behind bars, however, he ended up turning that into four served years. Albee beat the murder charges in 2015 and came right back to the music scene as a free man with all charges behind him to officially push real music back to Jersey.

One aspect that can never be overlooked when it comes to Albee is his dedication to his music grind, I’ve never personally seen someone keep a consistent work mind for their music craft. Releasing visuals monthly, being featured on different outlets for freestyles, and not to mention,  interviews for his audience. I have come across Albee social media outlets and to be honest, his lyrical gift is different but his ability to keep working from all the obstacles facing him is what keeps me a fan.

His realness and lyrical wits are sometimes ignored; instead in our new era of music, seems mumble rap is hitting the charts. Except we all know mumble rap won’t last forever, real hip-hop was put on sleep mode – soon time to be turned back on. I have nothing but respect for Albee because I know that he is up next for the culture and the music industry; here to prove that real hip-hop is not dead.

Albee has found a way to showcase his music ability by expressing his experiences throughout his life in his music. He shows us that the streets is very much a reality, not just what it’s made out to be on TV and in movies . He creates a gritty and musically vicious sound that pairs solidly with his way of life. And, I don’t see Albee slowing down anytime soon, I hope to see him drop more consistent bangers, putting pressure on anyone who ever doubted his musical gift to our culture.

I want to make it clear to everyone reading my criticisms and thoughts about Albee’s career, all of my thoughts and views about him are from my research and listening habits, not to mention our interview conducted. He is musically gifted and has a position to shed light into real hip-hop.

Join me next week for another segment of UpNext On Your Radar.

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