Let’s get right to it, UpNext On Your Radar is the upcoming star from Mattapan, Massachusetts, Rosewood Bape aka Kevin Andre.

This dope artist has been overlooked for some a while now and it’s time to discuss his talent. Bape is buzzing with a new sound which is still discounted heavily, due to the music culture being stuck on one particular sound that they somehow disregard the wide array of talented artists out there. With the copious amounts of consistent music coming from Bape, if you take a proper listen, it will soon be clear why Bape is a worthy UpNext on the scene.

With great features like Zoey Dollaz and PnB Rock, the 24-year-old is on a mission to re-invent the music scene for Boston. The Mattapan native, first established his nickname Bape in high school, due to his endless wardrobe of ‘A Bathing Bape’. He started making music shortly after uploading his first songs on that ancient yet transformative social media platform, MySpace, which got him heaps of positive feedback from his audience. Bape finally viewed himself as a melodic rapper, and slowly started to build on his loyal fanbase from his consistent work grind.

In 2015, he emerged with his first breakthrough single “Taxi”, which garnered so much attention, getting love and plays at various clubs in the Boston area, therefore spreading throughout the state. Bape found himself blowing up all over local radio, hitting charts, later leading to hundreds of thousands of streams on his music channels; catching the attention of DJ ESCO and rapper, Future who showed love to his breakthrough single.

“When the videos kept coming in from social media and the numbers was growing, I knew I was starting to get some love from other regions.”

In August of 2017, he released his debut project, RO$EGOLD, which was released with an energetic video “Bands Comin'” featuring FreeBandz artist ZoeyDollaz. With its exclusive features from Zoey Dollaz and PnB Rock, the project was easily seen as a masterpiece. Due to all the love Bape was getting from his released projects, he then caught attention from Rap’s elite which co-signed him and elevated his career granting him a solid position for more to come and grow.

Believe me, when I say Bape is UpNext for the culture. Bape has worked hard to get his career to the position it is at now. With over nine million plays on Soundcloud and having highly respected features & co-signs, he is already gaining recognition from many majors in the culture, let alone the music industry.