Coming up next for Harlem is Neek Bucks. His musical talent should not be slept on. Throughout all the various submissions I come across due to being a professional journalist, I usually get overburdened and miss out on true talent, but no more sleeping. Up-and-coming rapper from Harlem making noise for himself, Bucks sure has a lot of music coming out and great opportunities heading his way.

At first, I overlooked Bucks, but then came across his music when I viewed his “Ten Toes Down” music visual. Hearing closely to the lyrics, I understood immediately that he gave his audience more than just a gritty New York sound. He gave his audience the chance to get an inside look into his life. From his trials and tribulations to his success through his music career. From just that music video alone, I got a chance to listen and view closely, I went on to do my research to understand the upcoming Harlem native.

Bucks is on his way to the top, he continues to build off his successful 3rd solo project Here For A Reason. The project showcased Bucks’ life experiences and let his audience know how grateful he is for surviving his gunshot wound to the head in 2011. Next move on his list after his mixtape was the release of a series of music visuals that went in depth to show the story behind his raps. From all the success reached by his series of visuals, he gave his fans another masterpiece with his release of Here For A Reason 2. The 2nd anticipated project was the sequel, except it had more than just Bucks’ gritty NYC stamp on it. The project gave his audience a real chance to understand life in the streets – an insight to always keep note of, as it’s usually the motivator to get out and get better. And,nBucks made sure not to hold back, having features with highly talented rappers (Jim Jones, TRAV, Kevin Gates, RemoTheHitMaker) that went perfectly along with his sound.

It is clear that he is not ready to slow down for anyone anytime soon. Bucks is as organic as they come, he makes sure to hustle for every successful milestone. In a world filled with duplicators, as original as they come. He is one of the few best in the music scene giving back to the culture the real hip-hop sound that has been gone for so long.

It’s only a matter of time he meets his limelight.