Written by: Sash

Ursa the Chef releases the official visuals for his new track, “Rigatoni” featuring Mick Jenkins. As the beat drops, a few turnt dancers kick off the opening scene while Ursa pours up and out displaying an entertaining and enjoyable time in his music video. This track truly shows his personality of how vibrant and humorous he can be. He brings out his friends to show a more relaxed side of him as he goes to say “My peoples with me, no triggers on me, we don’t need that, No gold on me, I ain’t talking loud, that’s d pack , And it’s all love, yeah it’s all love where we at.” He is showing his love for his friends and he does so by bringing them along in his video. He receives a lot of support from them and goes to show it in his lyrics.

This multi talented emcee goes from spitting bars, dancing, relaxing in the pool to chilling with his squad. This video received a lot of love from all platforms and received over 3,000 views just from YouTube and SoundCloud alone. This up and coming Los Angeles artist uses a different technique which makes his followers stay in tune with him. He uses up tuned beats, humor, and wraps up his music with lyrics that are meaningful to him and his fans. This is what sets him apart from the average artist and he is only getting started. Ursa The Chef will be cooking up a hit soon!

Check out his new single, “Rigatoni” here on all platforms.

Take a look at the hype visual below.