Hip-Hop songwriter and artist James The Mormon has already achieved insurmountable heights, reaching a level of which some veterans have yet to even amount to with his freshman album I’m Not A Rapper debuting as #1 according to the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts in 2016.

Holding onto the spot for 3 days, it wasn’t until the release of Drake’s Views From The 6 which knocked him off – and considering how great Views stood and still stands, a worthy opponent, it was a worthy defeat.

Taking over an entire untapped market of Hip-Hop consumers in the United States, Utah had been keeping James under wraps, sneakingly preparing him for his launch to the top of making good music, that of which is sound and mindful, the disciples of Latter-day Saints and believers in the Book Of Mormon have started a major movement.  And although he would not consider himself a religious rapper, resembling somewhat of a K.Dot with the biblical connotations and messages of truth and wisdom, James reminds that,

“What you sweatin’, is probably counterfeit.” – Holiday, James The Mormon

Premiering his 1st national single Holiday featuring XXL 2017 Freshman Class prospect Taylor Bennett, (also famously known as Chance The Rapper’s younger brother) on Complex Thursday, April 13th, the newcomer has composed a beautiful ballad accompanied by moving visuals made to inspire. 

Shot in Chicago, James pays homage to Taylor’s hometown as an act of gratitude for the dope collaboration. 

Holiday.  Check it out.

And let us know what you think.