Artist Keezy “KG” Gramz is a budding new rapper out of Queens whose exposure to a life of drugs, crime, and violence in his neighborhood and household lead him to music which for him was a way out not only for him but for his family, seeing as though he watched his mother struggle and his father make a name for himself in the streets.

Being raised by his older brother didn’t help much either as he too was heavily involved in the streets leading to KG following a similar path selling drugs and gaining a new love for money. Throughout all of this KG Constantly battled with his morality knowing that there had to be more to life, and while his choices led to his incarceration he still managed to release a stream of music and videos that generated a local buzz, allowing himself to gear up for the drop of his mixtape “Hustle or Go Broke”. As part of this project the North Side Jamaica, native has decided to drop his first single, “Dope Sales”.

Where he gives his fans an inside view of the lifestyle he led before he went to prison. KG stated that the Streets and the 90’s hip-hop era has always made a huge impact on his music style, paired with subsequent Hustle or Die mentality.The 4-minute video starts off with the 23-year old hustler sitting in a kitchen, cooking up cocaine as N.W.A.’s “Dope Man” plays in the background. As KG begins breaking down the rocks, he begins to reminisce about the street life he is caught up in, while narrative from “Menace To Society” eludes to an epic song intro. KG’s gritty yet melodic voice depicts the story of a man with a mission to never go broke.

Jocelyn Rivera