Hailing from Harlem, King Z3us is a MC continuing to create and express himself through music. To date Z3us has released 4 projects under the moniker King Z3us, working with established producers such as Grammy nominated !llmind and more.

After spending time making beats, Z3us slowly began to develop his writing skills and along the way finding his voice. Things began to pick up once Z3us dropped “21 Pounds”, a self-produced track, which went viral and racked up over 10million YouTube views to date.

With that in mind he decided what better time then now to release a brand new visual to single “where they at”


Check out a Brief interview with the rising artist below 

“All the independent women where ya at?” Was a line in the hook of your song. What’s your opinion on women taking on larger role and having an impact in all aspects in world?

I think it is great. My mother was a living example of that line. She made sure my brother and I was well taken care of and taught us values to make us successful as human beings. Life is about balance and seeing that type of equality in the world is great for the future generations to see.

What was the creative origin of this record?

Eclipse (Producer) was in town from Detroit and we were in the lab. He sent me the beat a couple days earlier and when we got in the lab it just happened. When I heard the beat I immediately caught late 90’s-early 00’s Cash Money and No Limit vibes.

What can we expect from you next?

Videos. I’m establishing an event in Harlem on every first Wednesday of the month. More singles. Next project will be a compilation of artist I work with. All production done by me.

Where They At (Explicit) by King Z3us on VEVO.


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