Written by Queen Lexyonce

Brooklyn, NY – Beach, games, roller coasters, and a nice walk on Coney Island boardwalk was the ultimate Fourth of July for some. For others the Coney Art well, was one of the most festive places in NYC. Jay Upscale’s BIG BAD BBQ 2019 honored the mass of the Tri State area with hosting the biggest bbq basement there.

For those who didn’t get a chance to experience it, no worries Wah Gwaan Danchall got you covered.

Fusing the two cultures American and Caribbean, the Big Bad BBQ used the Brooklyn style concession stands to give the taste of the islands to patrons. A nice drink and a jerk chicken was all you needed to prep you for the Big Bad Performance.

As the crowd awaited the Big Bad artists, the DJ used the sweet sounds of soca to create the ultimate mini fete. The audience confirms the music is having them a way! The sounds switch and the DJ used Dancehall and reggae fi di yadie dem or those who enjoy the hardcore of the Jamaican music.

The Big Bad Performances started with the Birthday Girl Hood Celebrityy with her American Island fusion style.

Hood didn’t come alone though. Running out with Soca excitement, Nessa Preppy performed “Issa Snack” for the Caribbean massive in the crowd. HoodCelebrityy was present with a surprise cake from her mom who came out just in time for the celebration.

Afrobeats finest, Davido touch the stage with raving energy and the crowd sang word for word the hit single, “Fall”. The excitement of the audience  could have only been captured in moment. Davido brought to the stage Brooklyn’s very own Cassnova which gave some culture to the borough with their song “2am”.

Next up, Busy Signal. Dancehall Icon didn’t waste any time with getting into his many classics. He performed songs like “Dollar Van,” “Pon Di Edge,” and “Bad Up Who”.

Busy Signal gave the ladies a feel of his soft side with his songs.  It was only right when he performed his 2018 single ” Stay So”.

Bunji Garlin didn’t come to play with the Big Bad BBQ either. Soca fans had a sight to see with big and bad performance Bunji putting down on July 4th. “Big Bad Soca,” “Famaly,” “Jumbo Jet,” and a few other songs he used to keep the crowd in a fete. Bunji even drop a quick freestyle for the Africans and West Indians in the crowd.

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