Rising Virginia hip-hop artist Stretch Dolla returns with a new single and plans to come hard this summer with more bangers. This new single “Cold Summer” is definitely for the streets and retro music lovers. Find out more on what inspires Stretch’s sound and music behind the record and what’s to come next!

 Q) Describe your overall sound.
A: “To explain my sound I would say lyrical trap. I bring the lyrics and the bounce and still get my message across to the audience. Like I’m stuck in two generations I have the lyrics as well as modern day sound of music.” 
Q) What inspires your music and who are your favorite artists and why?
A: “The streets, everyday life I mean the struggle itself. Things that I been through like being locked up and never wanting to be back in that situation. My daughter definitely I want to give her everything I never had she keeps me driven. As far as artist I like J Cole, Kendrick, Nipsey, Meek Mill. I grew up on jay-z and nas those are big influences. I think I get my story telling from Nas listening to him so much that’s my favorite rapper. Snoop I use to want to be snoop growing up.”
Q) With this new single you’re releasing, what inspired the message behind it and the instrumental selection?
A: “Cold Summer. I was just going through beats in my email and came across this beat and it had me sold as soon as I heard it. It took me into a paid in full 80’s era. I was thinking like yo this is a sound that’s been missing no one has done this. With that being said it made me kinda be on the fence with it because the track was even different for me with the sound. So I just tried to stay honest with myself while creating this track. I turned it into my own while thinking out the box. My message behind the track is just to give a visual of summer where I’m from it’s a lot of fun and a lot of darkness.”
Q) What can fans expect next from you following up with this single?
A: “Right now I’m working on my next album which is untitled as of now. But we in the studio heavy and will be releasing another single after we give “Cold Summer” it’s run. I have a lot of music to share it’s all about the timing though.”
Q) What’s been most monumental on your music journey and why?
A: “The chase itself has been monumental. Like the chase is the best part once you get the prize you can reflect back on everything you went through. That’s part of your story you can tell and be someone’s inspiration not to give up.”