In honor of Fall/Winter ‘19, VNF Productions and People of Color Beauty have teamed up to debut a limited edition nail polish collection entitled, “Affluent”. Hues of warm earth tones assemble in homage to the growth of emerging entrepreneurs and trailblazing independent creatives. The collection is comprised of three nail colors; Midas Touch (Mustard Yellow), Editor’s Choice (Hunter Green) and Wine Not? (Burgundy), distinguished with a gold top for the limited edition. All of People of Color nail polish is 10-free (free from 10 of the most common toxins found in most polishes), vegan, and cruelty-free.

Connecting on their efforts to foster innovation and pathways within the fashion and lifestyle industry, VNF and People of Color meshed missions to design a product supporting their target audiences.

“When presented with the opportunity to partner with People Of Color Beauty Brand, — I said Yes!
Yes for the team, but yes for the culture. Keeping with the same energy of the epically amazing Issa Rae, we are rooting for every black entrepreneur/ fashionista and creative alike. Our collection “Affluent” represents, in shade, what we as people of color are owed, but more importantly, what we have taken back by creating our own lanes — Wealth and legacy, status and influence, comfort and peace. Sure, polish is just a coating, but to women who wear it, to women of color, it’s a bonding tool, a conversation starter, it’s a celebration of the power we possess in our creative ability.” — Noah Love, Co-Owner of VNF Productions

Stay tuned for the new collection and release date

About the Brands

VNF Productions announced the collaboration between People of Color Beauty and the VNF brand. VNF Productions is a one-stop shop for emerging designers, curated by three young, black professionals who have been in the fashion industry for 10+ years. Their combined background includes but is not limited to the following – runway production, fashion presentations, public relations, marketing, creative direction, runway coaching, e-commerce sales, music videos, photo shoots, and NYFW castings.

People of Color was inspired by a daughter’s love of nail polish and a mother’s renewed interest. Jacqueline Carrington, the founder of People of Color, wondered if she could create a nail polish brand that selectively featured color collections that complemented the various skin shades among women of color. Our color selections are made with the various shades of melanin in mind as the first thought, not the afterthought.

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