Wale and J.Cole have gotten fairly close.

Wale got a chance to sit down and chat with Genius’ Rob Markman, and in the interview, Markman brought up  Cole’s “False Prophets (Be Like That)” on which Cole took a shot at Wale. He also mentioned, Wale’s “Groundhog Day” which was the diss response.

In response, Wale said, “You guys know about ‘False Prophets’ and ‘Groundhog Day’ and all that, right?” Wale asks the audience. “The funny thing about that whole thing is that that s**t brought me and J. Cole way closer.”

Check out Wale’s full interview below.

Interesting.  How drama can sometimes bring folks together.  When it comes to level headed people, they are smart enough to continue arguing and bickering only fuels an unlit fire, generating smoke to the inhalation of blackened lungs.  The more you hold onto a beef in your heart, the more it takes out of you.  The best thing to do is always talk it out and make peace.