Wale Is Chilling, Man.

On Monday, Wale joined the Everyday Struggle crew to discuss a topic that has been the hottest on the show over the past week: Wale.

Ever since it was reported that Wale’s latest album SHINE was projected to do low numbers in the first week, DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden have had some very entertaining arguments about why that is. Akademiks claims that the blame is to be put more on Wale than his label which then prompted Joe Budden to disagree. Joe then went in on the labels, L.A. Reid, and the culture and the whole thing kind of looked like this: 

In the recent episode, Joe invited Wale to come on the show and on Wednesday, he did. He discussed everything from his album only doing 25K first week, his tour, J. Cole’s song ‘False Prophets’ which called out Wale and Kanye, the definition of a flop, and the perception of him in the eyes of hip hop fans. After basically calling DJ Akademiks a hypebeast (watch the first 10 minutes and you’ll see), he went on to ultimately take blame for his album’s low first week numbers. At about the 12:45 mark he says, “I don’t put it on Atlantic or nobody. I just, I didn’t create the awareness.” However, he does believe that he didn’t get the opportunities to promote the album that he should have. “We tried to do Ellen, we tried to do SNL, I feel like I deserve those opportunities but, I ain’t get it,” Wale said. “The old Wale would’ve been mad.”

He still does believe that a big single is coming from the album and considering the huge international names that he has as features on the album like WizKid, J Balvin and, Major Lazer, it’s not that far-fetched of a thought that some song off the album is going become a smash hit. Plus, the fact that everybody is talking about this album now because of the low numbers could mean that more people will check it out, and find out why it did so badly.  Ultimately, this may help the album sales and stream wise.

Check out everything he had to say in the video below. Do you think that the album is trash or slow-burning fire?

Wale might just have the right attitude because what’s meant to be will be.  If it’s really good, the numbers will pick up because Quality Music = Quality Revenue.