Although Wale’s brand new album SHINE has been receiving a lot of praise and notoriety on social media, it doesn’t look like it’ll do too well as far as numbers are concerned.

SHINE, which was suppose to drop this Friday May 5 and released a week early, is projected to sell anywhere between 18-22K in it’s first week. If these projections are correct, this could be Wale’s worst first week ever. The Maybach Music Group rapper’s last album The Album About Nothing dropped in 2015 and boasted 100K in its first week and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts. During a listening party held by Genius last week, Wale said “I don’t care about numbers.” Although he may be right about his feelings towards this project, I find it hard to believe that someone who claimed to have put their all into a project and even dedicating it to their newborn daughter doesn’t care about how much units are moving.

There may be a few reasons behind these projected sales for SHINE and the comparison between this album and The Album About Nothing. One reason can be the fact that Wale had some noted singles on T.A.A.N. such as “The White Shoes” and “Matrimony” featuring Usher. Both of those records were big, especially “Matrimony” which received a lot of radio play. Even though Wale stated that the label didn’t push T.A.A.N. as much as they should’ve, that album ended up being his most successful album to date. Another reason for these low projected sales is Wale’s rants for acceptance. He has labeled himself as one of the most passionate MCs when it comes to his fans and the music industry. The D.C. native has went on countless social media rants about not receiving the support he deserves as a lyricist and even made a comment during a Breakfast Club interview saying that if his music doesn’t do what he would like it to do, he’ll kill himself. Although that statement is heavily exaggerated, it proves that Wale cares about what others feel about him and his musical talents. He has made it vividly clear that for SHINE , all he is focused on is his fans and his upcoming tour which is set to kick off May 5 in Atlanta. You can grab your tickets here.

With some A-list features on SHINE coming from G-Eazy on “Fashion Week,” Lil Wayne on “Running Back,” Chris Brown on “Heaven on Earth” and Travis Scott on “Fish n Grits,” this still may not be enough to boost Wale’s sales. Let’s hope that the tour helps push SHINE before he resorts his anger to Twitter again.