Brooklyn rapper Casanova has been making some heavy moves with his 2017 thus far. He has stamped his name on one of the biggest records coming out of NY with “Don’t Run” and dropped Be Safe Thoa tribute EP to his close friend Taxstone. Although the rapper isn’t living dangerously anymore, he channels his old ways in his new video for “Old 50,” a record coming off of his EP.

Directed by JR Blake and Memphis Bleek, the video captures Cas and his crew as they set up and robbery which becomes a successful come-up. Casanova made a statement about his past life which also relates to the video.

“You get the real gangstas that rap, that make hits, [and] that go to jail,” Casanova said. “Then what you call the real gangstas? Stupid. So why do you want to be a real gangsta anyway? You went to jail. You had a good career and still wanted to be a gangsta. You’re dumb. So, I’m lucky I got passed the gangsta part and I became a rapper. I don’t glorify [being a gangsta] anymore.”

Check out “Old 50” below.