E-40 prepares to launch Practice Makes Paper, his upcoming project. Reaching levels of drip heretofore unseen by mankind, E-40 shares “Melt,” his latest video.

Showcasing his signature elastic delivery atop a rubbery mob bassline, 40 and guest star Milla coin a new phrase for 40’s supernatural level of flexing: “I don’t drip, I melt.” Rocking all white and drawing attention to his jewels, E-40 leads an underwater dance party in the new video, which features cameos from Bay Area figures like P-Lo, Nef The Pharaoh,and ShooterGang Kony, all while he indulges in the creative lyricism that made him famous.

Practice Makes Paper arrives this spring via Sick Wid It Records.

Watch “Melt” by E-40 below.