There’s no question that rap battles are a huge part of the hip-hop culture. A lot of what we know about hip-hop and rap started out from the cloth of rap battles. Eminem debuted a movie over 15 years ago called 8 Mile and the movie itself was slowly based on rap battles. Now, the Detroit legend is once again taking his talents to the big screen with a movie heavily dedicated to the verbal sparring matches.

Bodied is the title for the movie and it’s literally putting the viewer right in the middle of what has been labeled as one of the most disrespectful forms of rap. The trailer shows a young white man who’s clearly not in tune with battle rap but has a fascination with rap music. He then explores the underworld of battle rap where he catches himself in a face to face stand off and then becomes the recipient of some scathing rap bars.

The film is set to premiere later this year at Toronto’s International Film Festival.

Check out the full trailer below and tell us your thoughts on this.