Watch: Fat Boy & Fuzzy Fazu – “Found Myself”

Fat Boy has been stressing for some time now that people need to be taking him serious as an artist and these past couple months he has been showing us exactly why. Last month he dropped 2Fat The Mixtape with Fuzzy Fazu which features many up and coming New Jersey artists including Lar$en, Kazzie Stoner, Blaze The Rebel of the Rebel Clan and many more. Multiple tracks on the tape stand out but “Found Myself” showed very significant improvement in Fat Boy’s artistic arsenal.

“Found Myself” really stands out because normally we can expect classic hip-hop vibes from Fat Boy but with this track he shows his diversity not only as an artist but as a writer. He is able to bring the reader into a time in his life and make if feel like we are in hit with him. He also adds some very strong vocals and lyrics that really make the song and easy 10/10.

Some people only need one opportunity and one look to change things in their life and put on for their city and family. Fat Boy got that look and ran with it. Soon everyone will take Fat Boy serious as an artist.

In “Found Myself” Fat Boy and Fuzzy Fazu can be seen cashing out on gear and riding through the city in foreign whips. Fetty Wap, Dj BigL4eva, Kobe SSE & Fat Boy’s blood brother all make appearances. Fat Boy is putting on for Irvington/Newark New Jersey like no one has and with this new project he is definitely looking to continue doing just that. this is the second video we have gotten from the tape but shortly after the drop Fuzzy Fazu and RGF Productions announced that they will be releasing a video for every song on the project. 2Fat The Mixtae is available on all streaming platforms and you can also be on the lookout for new music from Fat Boy and Lar$en.