Only a couple of hours ago, Future, shared an exciting one minute clip to his Instagram.

“Only thing changing is the serial number on the money and the tail number on the pipes…”

– Future

In sixty seconds, Future Hive is able to witness an up close look at Future along the Nobody Safe Tour. As the clip continues, and the tour travels, the footage displays fans at the shows, club appearances, and exclusive backstage action. Then, Future, and his team, are on a flight to Nassau, Bahamas. As the video closes, Future’s “Hallucinating” introduces the crew’s new location.

Currently, though, Future is on The Future Hndrxx Tour. This tour launched July 8th. Today, he performs in Portugal. The tour then will travel to Mozambique, Tanzania, New York, Virginia, Georgia, Australia, and other locations around the world before ending the tour in October.

Ultimately, if you could not make it to one of the stops on Future’s Nobody Safe Tour (or if you could not get enough memorabilia from the experience)- you can soon.