After earning his stripes and essentially challenging others to authenticate themselves, emerging Columbus, Ohio rapper Rarri drops his part animated/part live-action music visual co-directed by LoneWolf and his cohort Vin for his “Prove It” stand-out cut off his 2OUTH2ID3 2 WORLDWID3 mixtape, released back in July.

From event promoter to outright, hardcore rapper, the ‘Small City Soldier’, or so he calls himself, Insomniac Rarri pushes the bar in the visual with an animated car chase, the infusion of some Columbus, Ohio motifs, an underwater adventure and the probably the most epic shootout in animated history between an cartooned Rarri & his Insomniac crew going at it with a gang of pigs.

While being super collaborative on the idea of the video, Rarri explained, “I  basically let LoneWolf do his thing on the animation.  It was so crazy, we were kind of just throwing ideas out at eachother; it was like, ‘ah, we should add a shootout to it, and we should have the cops be pigs.'”  Genius!

This being his third video working with LoneWolf, their intent to keep pushing the bar as far as possible, Rarri’s goal he says is, “To keep giving these people, sh– they didn’t even know they wanted.”

Taking the hook from a previous song he was featured on, Rarri thought it appropriate to include the element in order to seal the song’s point in “Prove It”, with lyrics like, “I’m a real top-shotta/I’m a don-dada”, the top dawg who is about what he says he’s about.

“If you really are who you say you are, you should prove it. It’s that simple!” – Rarri

With a whole bunch more music and discussions to come, be sure to check the video out now and keep it here for more from Insomniac Rarri.

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