Kanye West Opens Up To Surface Magazine

Unless you live under a rock, you should already know that Kanye West is currently in a hospital due to his mental health state. He canceled his Saint Pablo tour, went on crazy rants about politics and his comrades, and all of this ultimately ended in his hospitalization due to paranoia and major depression.

Fans and viewers alike are probably wondering what’s going on in that head of his. Surface Magazine recently spoke to Kanye about art, music, fashion design, family, and more. West opens up about how much he loves emojis, words in general, and how life can be compared to the “Legend of Zelda.” The first question the interviewer asks already seems to tick him off. The interviewer started off by saying that Kanye thinks of himself as an artist. Kanye interrupts by saying:

“I didn’t mention that I view myself that way. I just I am. I never worded it like that. That’s really offensive.”

Kanye then talks about how money makes people think they’re cool:

“More people need to know that they’re not fucking cool. In today’s world, having money has allowed people who are extremely uncool to think that they’re cool and carry it like that. People who really are cool and people who really are artists and have ideas have to literally turn in their cool card to society just to make it past the age of 28.”

Watch the interview in full and read the cover story here.