Big things are coming out of Little Rock in the wave of recording artist Lo Thraxx. After accumulating an impressive fanbase Lo is set to begin campaigning his forthcoming album, ‘Poundcloud,’ with the first promotional release off the project in the new video release, “Boss.”

Produced by J Kingsbury and directed by Fresco Grey, “Boss” takes newfound fans through the tough Arkansas streets. Lo Thraxx breaks down the street commandments and flosses a little bit to show while although you have to be heartless in these streets, you can still shine bright with your crew when there is hustle money coming non-stop. On the track, Lo Thraxx sound is masterful, vintage, and the future of Southern Hip-Hop.

“Boss” is the formal announcement of what is to come in ‘Poundcloud.’ In the video, Lo Thraxx delivers his fan-favorite signature futuristic Southern flavor
in his new album. ‘PoundCloud’ is scheduled for a top of the year debut. The 10-track effort will be available on all major streaming platforms on January 19th.

Continuing his campaign, Lo Thraxx is slated to release another new single on December 15th.

Watch Here.