Brooklyn rapper Nitty Scott is back with a brand new song and visual to help empower the women called “Pxssy Powah!” Directed by Damien Sandoval and produced by Fast Life Beats, this eclectic video captures Nitty on what looks to be another planet as she portrays these TLC-inspired looks and movements. One look catches her with green bantu knots, another sees her in a weird yellow and black jumpsuit, and lastly she’s seen driving through this deserted area in some type of futuristic vehicle with numbers and symbols scrolling across the car, looking like a scene from The Matrix.

“We took it to the (Mohave) desert because when Black and Brown women have been stripped of our right to be free, sexual beings since forever, barren land is a fitting metaphor,” Nitty said in a recent interview. “But this is a new planet; one where you can’t stop our liberation, our magic, our AZÚCAR. This one’s for all my sisters in the revolt.”

In other Nitty Scott news, the MC will be releasing her brand new project on July 21 titled Creature.

Check out the video below.