Watch: Pardi ft Cardi B Backin’ It Up

Pardi better known as Pardison Fontaine has been making a huge name for himself recently dropping his viral hit “Rap Charlamagne“. He was also seen at Kanye’s private listening party earlier this year in Wyoming. The “Rap Charlamagne” track has been played on 105.1 by Charlamagne himself and Pardi also posted a picture not too long ago with the person who he aspires to be in the rap game. The recent buzz behind his name was not given and he has worked hard for the success he has behind his name. Cardi B also vouched for that by posting a video of the two turning up way before she gained her huge following. Both artists have very humble beginnings and it’s good to see the two friends able to work together on this new Pardi track “Backin’ It Up“.

I think this track will be the topic of discussion not just for the creative visuals in the video but both verses are really iconic. Pardi destroys the track with the first verse:

Let’s get it straight, girl, you don’t need a n*gga for nothin’

Lookin’ better every day, you got that Benjamin Button

Claimin’ he don’t got a girl, you know niggas be frontin’

You don’t need no ***** comin’ up to you as a woman (ayy)

And you a boss, so you hate when n*ggas waste time (ayy)

You too pretty to be paused on the FaceTime (ayy)

Damn, I’m just statin’ the facts

You hate that like you hate when n*ggas tell you, “Relax”

Lyrics via Rap Genius

His verse is really relateable, he sees a girl he really likes in the video and he spits the most fire game possible to her. Not only is it very catchy but the delivery by Pardi is super on point, he’s known for his fire bars but this verse is definitely up there with his best. Cardi comes off of the chorus with a very hard hitting verse that I think will cause a lot of controversy:

“I know how to go and get a bag don’t I

I know how to get a ***** mad don’t I

Make my ex wanna get it back

that a fact say it louder for the bitches in the back”

Lyrics Via Rap Genius

In this part of her verse she doesn’t take any hard jabs at any one but in the very next part she clearly calls out Nicki Minaj by saying “Ran down on a ***** she almost pissed on her leg” in reference to their recent altercation. Both Cardi and Nicki have taken shots at each other but this is the latest Cardi response since posting an explanation. Both artists have been working very hard this year. Both artists do outstanding things for music and for the community. If one day we get a Cardi and Nicki collab I think that would be one of the best things for music. Stay tuned for more music from Pardi. No word if he has any other features with Cardi but they are close outside of music so we could expect to see the two on a track again in the future. The video features Instagram Model Bria Myles & is at half a million views and is available on most major streaming platforms.