With his new single making a lot of noise right now while breaking into the pop charts. Newfound Bay Area heartthrob Phil Crown hops a flight to Japan to save the love he loves in the full-length visual titled, “Pick Up The Phone”.

In the Damien Sandoval-directed six-minute full-length feature, Phil Crown stars as the drug dealer in love with his suppliers. Love affair exposed, things get deadly dangerous for the singer and his love interest. Ready to fight for his love, great vocals isn’t the only thing the Oakland-native can do in this action-packed video. Filmed in Japan, the video includes Tokyo Drift-inspired car chase, Yakuza fight scenes, and more. A great promotional material in the campaign of his forthcoming release EP, Desert Son. “Pick Up the Phone” was produced Hiroki Sekiguchi & Taka Arakawa.

The video was made in Loving Memory of Barron Machat.

Watch the Director’s Cut Now.