Rico Nasty is a rapper from the DMV area responsible for the style “Sugar Trap, a mixture of the popular rap genre trap and pop. Even though Rico Nasty sometimes gets compared to rappers like Lil Yachty, she has her own unique style.  Rico has even been credited by Lil Yachty as being an inspiration to his own rap style and has addressed some of the unfair comparisons that have been made about her when it comes to the style of music. Rico Nasty is a unique young artist whose talent and energy can’t be duplicated unless it’s by her long time videographer Remy Allure.

Rico released her debut project Tales of TacoBella earlier this year and has already announced she is working on the next project set to drop later this year. She went viral on two of her solo tracks, was featured on the soundtrack for the number 1 movie in the world, and is on pace to release two studio recorded projects in one year. Rico Nasty’s work ethic is very strong and continues to deliver on the new track “Beat My Face”.  Just this month she also released the video for “Poppin”, which like “Beat My Face” shows progression and growth in Rico’s musical career. Rico Nasty is an independent artist that is making moves bigger than some artists that have major label assistance, which is one of the many reasons why she should not be compared to anyone rapping right now. Rico and her team have set a very solid foundation and are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

“I’m the party, kiss my ass if I’m late.”

“Beat My Face” is a term well known for putting on makeup. Rico will spend as much time as she wants getting ready and that’s exactly what she does in “Beat My Face”. Rico is a superstar and this new song is just one example of Rico Nasty’s creativity and musical ability. Since being introduced to her in I-Carly, and to see the growth of Rico as an independent artist is something special. With her multiple power moves this year alone, it will be exciting to see what she has in the vault for her project Tales of TacoBella, out now on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.

Stay tuned for Sugar Trap 2!