Watch: Rico Nasty – “Key Lime OG”

Rico Nasty has been prepping for the release of her album Sugar Trap 2. Earlier this year we got the videos for Poppin and Watch Me off of her latest project Tales Of Taco Bella. She was also officially the first artist to remix “The Race”. Now she treats her fans to another new video, shot by long time collaborator Remy Allure, “Key Lime OG”.

In her most recent videos Rico has been adding some very strong visual and in this new video she continues to use her unique creativity and one of a kind style. She is undoubtedly the fastest moving artist this year and “Key Lime OG” showcases one reason why that is 100% true.

In the most recent videos from the Sugar Trap originator we can see bright colors , usage of props and doubles of Rico Nasty. “Key Lime OG” follows suit. The video starts off with her dropping from the sky like a super hero and we also see her enjoying some quality time with herself.

On every Rico Nasty track we get gritty bars, catchy hooks and a style/flow that is definitely one of one. With every video we get unique creativity and visuals that we don’t really see from other artists out right now. In “Key Lime OG” we can see a very happy and energetic Rico Nasty.

“I know that I be the best, I don’t need a title.”

“I’m just trynna flex on anyone who doubted”

“Smoking Key Lime OG, and this car got two seats. When I hop out it dank you can smell it on me. Handle that shit myself I ain’t calling police. Keep that chick on a leash or keep that chick from round me”

“Key Lime OG” marks the rapid improvement in the already flourishing career of the young DMV legend Rico Nasty. Both lyrically and visually Rico delivers something special to her fans officially marks the countdown to Sugar Trap 2.

Tales Of Taco Bella is out now on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more content from her forthcoming project Sugar Trap 2.