Following the release of his debut EP The Guala Way earlier this year and his remix for“Time Goes Down” soon after featuring G Herbo, Brooklyn native Flipp Dinero is back sharing a brand new music video for the single.

Flipp and G Herbo linked shortly after the release of Herbo’s debut album Humble Beast, choosing none other then SHOTBYCISCO to direct the video.

The visual is the perfect re-introduction to the song, showing Flipp and G Herbo in their natural environment with studio sessions and cityscapes that keeps the viewer pretty locked in.

Outside of his own success, the young Brooklyn rapper prides himself on being the first artist cosigned by Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$ outside of his own Pro Era collective.

Either way, Flipp has flourished with Cinematic Music Group under the watchful eye of label head, Jonny Shipes.

“[Joey] was like, ‘Yo Flipp, I really feel like you would be big if you do your thing and just focus,'”

Explains Flipp. “That’s what led to me meeting Jonny. When Jonny came across me, he was like,

‘Yo, you’re dope. I wanna work with you, but we gotta keep building. You gotta show people that you want it.’ That’s what I’m doing now.”


Check out “Time Goes Down” Below

                                                                                                                           Jocelyn A Rivera