Is Wale the greatest or is Wale the greatest? His love for music and wrestling collided and he finally made his way to the ring on a special July 4 edition of WWE’s Smackdown where he hosted a very entertaining rap battle between two wrestling groups: The New Day Vs. The Usos.

The whole battle got out of hand, in an entertaining way, when the two crews started to throw some very personal shots and The Usos took their frustration out on The New Day by attempting to attack them in the center of the ring. Wale played the mediator and throughout the scuffle he ended up losing a shoe. We all know Wale is sensitive about his sneakers so that caused him to disqualify The Usos for misconduct.

Nonetheless, this was very funny and hysterical to watch. Watch for yourself below and tell us your thoughts. Should Wale start hosting more of these rap battles?