South Florida rapper/singer 2 Gudda dropped his single and sexy visual for “Bands” featuring the Jamaican King Beenie Man last week, and as the plays pile up, the fans are lining up.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the 23 year old rapper/singer hailing from West Palm Beach you’re not alone. However, Gudda Gudda‘s been quietly releasing music with the likes of Boosie Badazz (“I’m A Dog“), Rock DollazWyze over the last 12 months. Knowing that greatness takes time, Gudda was been in Los Angeles working on his debut EP, when a trip to Jamaica resulted in “Bands” feat. the Dancehall King Beenie Man.  A chance run in resulted in the two making magic in the studio together and the rest is history!

On his artistry, his music is a representation of everything that he’s been through in life – a story that can never be duplicated, there’s no fiction to it.  “I try to be real as possible.  There is no reason to big up or exaggerate things that I’ve been through or the things that I do, because this is my reality. People can feel real; real recognizes real.”

Getting his first taste of music at the age of 13 in his home-made studio, it was when he and his brothers inquired of their dad to build their own studio; and on his free time, that is where he got his taste of the music life.  While not taking it too, too serious earlier on as it was just a mere hobby, he went on to study and receive a degree in Pharmaceuticals.  It wasn’t until about a year ago that Gudda found his assurance in his skill to write music.

As unlikely as it is to be picked up out of an ocean-sized pool of talent and music genius’, a great way to stand apart is to already have something going.  Holding a degree and putting his focus on becoming successful first and creating a way for his life, he doesn’t put all his chips in one basket, as he says music shouldn’t be looked as a means of getting money.  Making sure to have enough to cover his craft without shortchanging his sound, Gudda says it’s important to be able to save a dollar to put towards it, which would mean, having a dollar.

Upon the discovery of his talent, he constructed a song and later shared it on YouTube where he then received over 20K views, later solidifying his decision to take music seriously.  And with a bit of singing capabilities, which he learned of himself while dabbling with songs that he liked from the radio, catching the notes for his own tracks would come easy depending on the beat.

Sentiment to timing and being at the right place at the right time, Gudda is an advocate to the fact that no time should be wasted.  And with the combination of actual talent, hardwork & dedication, one can find oneself in quite the situation.

With more to come, check out 2 Gudda’s “Bands” now featuring Beenie Man.