What a Time to be Alive 2 is already cooked up

Either What a Time to be Alive 2 is in the works, or we are truly being trolled. We are praying for the former. Here is to hoping Future and Drake team up again for part 2. 

A few nights ago, Future uploaded a video on his Instagram story with a snippet of a new song that may be apart of WATTBA 2. We all remember the original project that was dropped back in 2015. Since we only get a true tease of the song, we’ll have to wait until the sequel is officially dropped to get a full taste.

You can take a listen below.

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Say aye if u want #WATTBA2 from #Future & #Drake

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Maybe we shouldn’t hold our breath. Future has hinted at a follow up to What a Time to be Alive once or twice before. He has already done so earlier this year when the two were spending a lot of time together… just enough time to make an album sequel? We sure hope so.

The project was said to have already been cooked up back in April of this year. Future shared of video of himself and the Toronto rapper taking turns hinting at WATTBA 2.

“What’s that? We gotta cook that up. That two,” Drake says in the video while holding up two fingers. Future then responds, “It’s already cooked. Top secret.”

The fans are not so sure about the secrecy of the project anymore but that may be the point. If this sequel is already cooked up then all we are missing is a release date.

Stay Tuned!


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