“My movement is based off of the struggle of the people,” O.B.A.$ said in an interview with artist DJ Buck. He continued, “I am one with the slums, raised in the streets along with having the dreams of the elite.” Born in Orlando, Florida but creating his career in the rap industry in Connecticut, O.B.A.$, which stands for Only Believers Achieve Success, knew what hard work produced if you stuck to your goals and dreams, even more so being that he is of Haitian descent and was raised alongside 9 siblings.


O.B.A.$. enlisted himself in rap battles at the beginning of 2005 and half way through that year he became the reigning champion with a record of 32-0. With new recognition of who he is and what was being brought to the table, O.B.A.$. self released a series of mixtapes with his lifelong theme “Eyez On The Prize.” He rose to local stardom after seeing a great response and decided to release Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of his project. Once his discussion with DJ Buck (Connecticut’s #1 radio station Hot 93.7 WZMX’s program director) hit the streets, it was time to be seen on stage since everyone wanted to know exactly who this rising star was.


Live performance shows would separate him from the amateurs being that his stage presence was like no other. O.B.A.$. was opening up shows for headliners such as Dipset, D-Block, Fabolous, Red Cafe, Mos Def, Floetry, Papoose, Beanie Sigel, State Property, French Montana, Max B, and many others from various states between Boston and Florida. While solidifying his presence in the music industry, O.B.A.$.’s views and downloads for his release “Eyez On the Prize” from one of his mixtapes “Tale of a Survivor” on Spinrilla and Datpiff.com were still increasing and totaled over 100,000 views combined.


Representing for all underdogs worldwide and starting his own imprint, O.B.A.$. created O.B.A.$ Music Group, an independent force on the rise. O.B.A.$. is currently campaigning to release new music weekly in order to keep listeners and new fans at bay with his work. This new artist shows prominent talent far unseen like no other; Only Believers Achieve Success is a way of life that has turned into a movement, and everyone is ready to see what comes next.

Lucky for me Rap Fest Correspondent Qualhata was able to briefly interview the rising artist specifically regarding his latest single “Special Lady”

Q. Most rappers now and says don’t make slow rap love songs what made you want to take that route for this track?

Lol, I’m a very different type of artist, I pull from real life experiences to express myself. Women are one of the most vital gifts in any mans life I can’t understand why as men many times we don’t uplift them instead do them wrong. Don’t get me wrong if you treat yourself with respect no one else will but when you do respect yourself as a lady we as man should step up and honor that. I have 4 sisters, 2 nieces and plethora of women in my life that our real queens on the battle field daily I did this for them and the million other ladies who needs to hear a man say that in this climate.

Q. Did a particular person in you life inspire you to make this particular track? In addition do you have other songs that are similar to this one?

I have a few songs in the tank like Special Lady, as long as I have a beat that soothes the soul and brings out that emotion , I’ll forever make songs like that amongst other topics.

Q. Sonically I can hear Rick Rossinfluences in your music. Is he one of the people in hiphop that you looked up to?

Biggie, Jay& Ross are definitely artist I’ve appreciated and looked up to more in this game. There lyrics, delivery and more importantly mindset is Boss in nature and I def aspire to be a boss in every facet of my life.

Q. What’s next after this single “Special Lady?” Do you have any other upcoming projects ?

Yes, my next song is called “Concrete” a real ode to street anthems . Moving forward my focus now is bi weekly releases with full visuals as well as the songs being released on all available platforms for streaming or purchasing. You can go to my website iamobas.com for everything related to my music, social media handles, and more. Thanks for your time. Bless!