Coming off the first single, Tech Inna Freeze Cup,  off his debut project HDO ( Hardest Drugs Online ) due out in May, Parlé finds himself in a unique space.

Continuing with the concept of being numb from the reality of taking the risks of staying alive on the daily basis,  in the High Bridge section of the Bronx.

Parlé confesses his love for the hustle and the women who stay around for the good days. On 4 oz Pour Up, he numbs himself with the experience of a lady friend who appeared for the wins but disappeared during the losses. A vivid standpoint artists wont speak on in today’s forecast.

2017 for Parlé

The year 2017 was good to WE$TSIDE Parlé. He came in roaring with his 06 Jeezy Complex Premiere. He then went to embark on being a part of  Artists of the Month for May on Pigeons and Planes after the release of The Late Intro, major accomplishments for your first two looks.

He then went on a Freestyle mission, tearing down , Dj Enuff’s Hot BoxPeter Rosenberg’s Real Late, and lastly a trip out to LA to visit the LA Leakers.