Could it be true?

That fateful night of September 7, 1996 where the life of beloved rapper Tupac Shakur was taken, could it be that in fact, he was actually a casualty caught up in the cross fire’s of the intended target of his Death Row leader Suge Knight?

According to a signed affidavit by Knights lawyer, Thaddeus Culpepper, the label’s CEO had “known for many years that Reggie Wright Jr. and his ex-wife Sharitha were behind the murder of Tupac and attempted murder of Knight.”  In an apparent attempt to steal control of the Death Row label, Wright Jr., the then-head of security for Death Row and Knight’s ex-wife are now said to be the one’s who actually conspired the murder meant for Knight, not Tupac.  SMH.

If this is true, great fury is sure to follow as it has long been argued that Tupac’s death might have been due to a whole East Coast – West Coast beef with ‘Pac and Brooklyn, NY born Biggie Smalls.  Forget about all the theories and documentaries, talk here and there on what might have been, now 21 years later, upon the release of the Tupac Assassinaton: Battle of Compton documentary, Knight was forced to fess up to who the real culprits were.  Really?

With Knight currently serving time in jail for running two people over on the set of Straight Outta Compton back in 2015, leaving one deceased, these claims have not been confirmed by Knight directly, leading to an Instagram post from his son Jacob, disclaiming the entire news of this assertion, calling it a publicity stunt.

Publicity stunt or not, it’s hardly difficult to believe that anyone would not want to come for Suge Knight in such a way, in light of what we have come to learn about him over the years, even those closest to him like his most protected bodyguard and mother of his child – we can perceive.  Especially seeing that there are more accusations of other attempts to have been made on his life.  And, we can’t imagine that a mother’s son wouldn’t want to defend his mother as well.  But, when you have further discussion made by filmmakers Richard Bond and Michael Douglas Carlin on Knight’s endorsement of this newest theory, what are we to believe?

If this comes to be 100% true, one could say that if it weren’t for all of that he say-she say, our other Hip-Hop great, the Notorious B.I.G. might still be with us today.

Oh, the ghastly effects of what jealousy and envy can bring, it is our number one reason for penance.  One bad thing leading to another, the number one reason for the many evils of the world.  Stripping many lives of year’s that may have been, more greatness that could have come.  For it is not written for anyone to die in such style, especially those with such celebrated tones and gifts.  The gift of music meant to sway and turn, bring harmony to a universe, is often toiled into negativity and such things.

Continuing to stain the face of Hip Hop, this too, is regularly what happens; attending to the blame game, demoralizing the aim of the culture.  Hip Hop, a type of story narrative at its inception, turned into multiple bloody tales for movie executives to later feast off of; those movie executives who most times don’t even come from the culture – that’s tough.

And while, the close to Tupac‘s case may very well be here, it solves nothing.  We can’t get back those years, we can’t collect back those tears.  Moving forward, however, it is a longing to utilize these narratives of those told in Hip Hop ballads, in a way that is positively effective.  Uplifting, not necessarily preaching, but teaching a better way for hopes of better days.