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Erick Crawford aka BoogottiNYC is a unique revolutionary superstar, who looks to bring life back into the Hip Hop world. His passion, imagination, strong creative writing skills, his ability to make its records, and his experience working behind the scenes in the industry, has helped him accumulate a supportive fan base over the years. BoogottiNYC’s mission in life has always been to inspire and enlighten people through his music. This emcee is totally different from the norm understands the power music has over people and believes by sharing his story, others will begin living more freely.

After coming across BoogottiNYC’s music, I was astonished by his talent and decided to interview him. Below is where you can learn more about this extraordinary artist.

 Tell me about yourself and what inspired you to do music?

Born Erick Crawford strong-willed and proven individual. I strive for perfection and of course, I’m my own worst critic. I do believe that there is nothing that we as human beings can’t achieve. This is why I learn many skills and wear several hats. I was inspired to do music because I was actually a manager for the late Mazaradi Foxx of the G-UNIT DUMOUTS. Though I had already put out a few CDs under a different moniker, I had put my own career in the back seat in order to manage others. Once my artist was murdered, I fell into a deep dark loneliness, which influenced me to tap into my artistry. At that moment I began to rap.

What do you do as far as preparation to create great records? 

In order to prepare and create a record, one must find great production. It’s a very important factor if you wanna make number one hits. I may go through 500 beats before I find one that I like. In the state of preparation, sometimes I smoke sour for a little bit of stimulation and relaxation. I might get a good pad, a clean page, along with a nice pen, and if I’m on a flight I would use one of the flight attendant’s pen. I feel the best way to create from a new experience, is to utilize the tools that are around you at that time.

Who are some of your influences and how did their creativity/leadership help you flourish with your music?

 I have several influences in the music category. Ray Charles is one of my biggest. His genius abilities to create songs from the times in which he is living. I also inspired by up-and-coming artists such as Childish Gambino because he creates music outside of the normal box, which is called normal to rappers. I say Childish Gambino cracked his egg of creativity a long time ago.

Where are you from and how was growing up in your neighborhood? 

 I am from 108th St. Between Manhattan Avenue and Central Park West, which is exactly 2 streets away from the borderline of Harlem. Being from here gave me the opportunity to see Manhattan as well as Harlem from the very heart. Growing up in my neighborhood I would see famous actors/actresses, R&B singers, and Rappers. My downstairs neighbors were Older Cotton club dancers, who would tell us the best stories about how things were in Verde projects located in Harlem. My Guard father was a caterer who made food for some of the biggest artists in the world such as Count Basie, Della Reese, Michael Jackson, and many more. My friends older brother who was a rapper with a local known rap group would create songs in the room around me. I would find it fascinating how he would create Darrius melodies and songs. I notice that many people would laugh at him, but I actually admired what he did. I also witnessed many Rich drug dealers, pimps, and various gangsters in my neighborhood when I was growing up.

 Who have you collaborated with in the business?

 I have collaborated with the likes of Big Punisher’s son Chris Rivers, Lord Tariq, Mazaradi Foxx, Rich Dinero, Mr. Foljers, Hell Rell, and I currently have a Mix CD called BITCOIN.

 If you can work with anybody dead or alive who would it be?

 Tupac Shakur, Rhianna, Kanye West

 Are you currently working on a project and how many have you put out in the past?

 I just finished up my Bitcoin project. I’m also almost done with my bag the mix cd. I’ve been on four CDs this year. I will have at least three more CDs before the end of the year.

What are the titles of your previous Mixtapes / EP / or Album and how do you feel your music impacts the world? 

Bitcoin and My Bag are the names of my projects. I also featured on Trapen and Gun Clapton to Trapping and Gun Clapping, three return of the G unit timeouts as well as Tales of a Mob Boss mixed by DJ nasty on the blended mix.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

 Five years from now I will have a full-service building management company, as well as land and Pitbull Adoption Rescue Facilities, combined with my home and recording/movie production studios.

 Do you have other business venues you’re involved in?

The secrets of real-world marketing

Book- My little man, How to survive in the hood, My little lady, The truth about holidays and Brooklyn Zoo

Alcohol – Passion Pink Tequila

Movies- No sympathy for the king

Instagram: @boogottinyc