WRKINSILENCE is Neo-R&B artist that shields his identity with a mask. The artist detaches his physical appearance from his sound through the mask in order to direct people’s attention solely on his sound.

The unknown artist emerged in December of 2017 with his first song, “HOMIE,” featuring 24hrs, on SoundCloud. “HOMIE” became an anthem for those that were betrayed, and misused, by individuals that were so-called “homies.” A couple months later, WRKINSILENCE links up with rising R&B artist NO1-NOAH on “See It Through,” to discuss the downfall of their relationships with specific women. The most recent track on WRKINSILENCE’s SoundCloud features musical producer, and R&B artist, Ye Ali, on a track titled “Love No More.” With a reoccurring theme from “HOMIE,” Ye Ali and WRKINSILENCE weigh in on the legal issues the artists had with fraudulent individuals.

With only three tracks on his SoundCloud; each consisting of different styles, WRKINSILENCE showcases his distinct versatility on relatable topics that occur on an everyday basis.