For more than 3 decades Hip-Hop has become more than a culture, more than a genre, but also a highly diverse platform for everyone all over the world. Whether main stream or indie, artists from all over the globe from different cultures contribute to it through rhymes, dance, art, and more. Since, fans from all over have experienced the joy and beauty that comes from Hip-Hop.
Next on the scene, rising to Hip Hop stardom is Carolina newcomer, Will Metty. Stepping out onto the music scene from Raleigh-Durham, NC, Willy brings a dreamy sound laid over high-end production quality made up of earth trembling 808’s and sharp-snapping snares. Metty’s  unique sound is accompanied by his fashion forward style. Unlike your usual, to be expected rapper’s “look,” Will Metty rocks his heavy metal rocker style. Once again, stepping out into his own lane!

Not From Earth

With the release of his 2018 debut single, “Soul” Metty’s buzz grew so large, so quickly. So much so that he caught the ears and attention of one of Carolina’s indie powerhouse labels, Hazardous Records. Will Metty recently wrapped up his new upcoming EP. Hoping to claim his spot within the Hip Hop industry, he is gearing up for the release of his first ever national release, Not From Earth via Hazardous Records, Ingrooves, and Universal. 
In celebration, Metty took the pleasure of dropping off a promo visual with some of his new music out his catalog for us.
Click play and enjoy! Let us know what you think.
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