Time waits for NOBODY.

It’s been seven years since Wiz Khalifa dropped Kush & OJ, which some say is one of his best works to date.

Yesterday, to commemorate that project, Wiz and longtime-collaborator Cardo drop three new songs.

Cardo produced “In The Cut” and “Mezmorized” on Kush & OJ, so it was only right to release “Get It On Your Own,” “Coachella,” and “Lost Files.”

Wiz, along with Curren$y, Smoke DZA and others, put a new age of weed-inspired, cool rap on the map, boosting Wiz to stardom.

Critics say that Wiz lost his way when he crossed over to the majors, but this 3-pack proves that he’s back, and maybe better than ever. This group of jams give listeners a sense of nostalgia, dating back to 2010.

Wiz says at the end of “Lost Files” that Rolling Papers 2 is on the way, so let’s hope that he stays in this lane of creating. Just in time for 4/20 festivities, check all three of the jams below.